ST 10 inch Inline Hd-50 Hydrogen-rich Technical Filter Cartridge

  • Model: ST33-12
  • Hydrogen-rich with alkaline water.
    Superior anti-oxidation effect.
    Essential mineral supplements.
    10" standard size filter to fit most water filter systems.
    100% Factory checked ready for quick and reliable installation.
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Hd-50 Hydrogen-rich
Technical Filter

With the Hd-50 the reverse osmosis treatment is completed providing a hydrogen-rich alkaline water.

Obtaining alkaline water that helps to keep the pH of the body properly balanced and thereby providing health and wellness.


Filtration Process
ST-inline Hd-50 Hydrogen-rich TechnicalFilter

Hd-50 supply to the water essential minerals like magnesium, essential for the proper functioning of the nervous and muscular system.

Antioxidant effect due to the hydrogen molecules, protecting cells from the radicals responsible for some diseases and cellular aging.


Model ST33-12
Length 10"
Diameter 2"