T33 10 inch Mixed Bed Deionization Resin Water Filter Cartridge

  • Model: T33-1RD
  • For ultra high purity water.
    Demineralization by ionization.
    Reduces total dissolved solids.
    Universal 10 inch filter to fit most water filter systems.
    100% Factory checked ready for quick and reliable installation.
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The TDS from a RO unit is not always as low as required
so the use of DI resin will bring the TDS down to 0 ppm.


Adsorptive Exchange
Mixed Bed Deionization Resin Filter
Adsorptive Exchange
Mixed Bed Deionization Resin Filter
Cations are replaced with hydrogen ions using cation-exchange resins; anions are replaced with hydroxyls using anion-exchange resins.

The hydrogen ions and hydroxyls recombine, producing water molecules. Thus, no ions remain in the produced water.


Model T33-1RD
Length 10"
Diameter 2.8"