T33 10 inch Cation Exchange Resin Water Filter Cartridge

  • Model: T33-1RN
  • Removes hard water minerals via ion exchange process.
    Reduces minerals such as calcium and magnesium.
    Universal 10 inch filter to fit most water filter systems.
    100% Factory checked ready for quick and reliable installation.
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  • Product Description
  • Product Specification
High purity, premium cation resin.

Designed for the treatment of foods, beverages,
water for food processing and most any potable water.


Adsorptive Exchange
Cation Exchange Resin Filter
When in contact with a solution containing magnesium and calcium ions (but a low concentration of sodium ions), the magnesium and calcium ions preferentially migrate out of solution to the active sites on the resin, being replaced in solution by sodium ions.

This process reaches equilibrium with a much lower concentration of magnesium and calcium ions in solution than was started with.


Model T33-1RN
Length 10"
Diameter 2.8"